About Us

The Mission

Cool Gear Fix was created as a place to shop for really cool, useful and unique products that people can actually use.  But we went beyond just offering cool products to our customers, we also made it our mission to source the world to find these products at really, really low prices that virtually anyone can afford.

The Outcome

So here we are.  After much research and testing, we finally developed this site to offer these products to people around the world.  It's taken some time to get here, but all the hard work has been worth the while. 

The Team

We're a small team of hard working regular people with many years experience in both website development and web marketing.  Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to changing our lives by shaping our own future in the online world.   

The Promise

Quality and service is not just words we write in a sentence - they're the backbone and foundation that this company is built on.  Our word is not an empty promise. If you're not happy, bottom line is we're going to make it right.

Drop us a line to find out more.  We always love hearing from our customers. They are what drives us everyday to succeed. Our customers come first!


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